Methane formation requires not only the methanogenic microorganisms but also those bacteria providing the necessary primary products. E.g. hydrogenotrophic methanogenes, often prevalent in high-throughput fermenters, depend on elementary Hydrogen delivered directly to their cell walls. This task is carried out by so-called "syntrophic" bacteria.

AMODIA has identified a group of selected syntrophics (ASG: AMODIA syntrophic group) which react sensitive to disorders in the fermentation process. Thus this marker indicates a malfunction BEFORE other indicators give a hint.

In the AiF-sponsored project "FerMiQ" AMODIA has developed and established a detection system for these ASG-bacteria (qPCR) which allows to absolutely quantify the DNA concentration of these syntrophics. The result of this analysis comes within one workday after receiving the sample.

This service comprises the following tasks:

  • Extraction of the microbial DNA from the sample
  • Absolute quantification of the DNA of Archaea
  • Absolute quantification of the DNA of ASG bacteria

The full interpretation of this data requires knowledge of the physico-chemical parameters of the fermenter. This analysis should be applied after consultation with the operator of your fermenter.