The AMODIA MultiFlow® Basic kit provides a detection platform for the development of rapid tests which are able to detect up to five different double-labeled molecules on one LFD.

Note: the labels used are not freely available. Please get in contact for further information.

The 4mm wide lateral-flow dipstick (LFD) has 6 lines: 5 detection or target lines with different capture molecules, and an assay control.

Possible areas of application are e.g. detecting multiplex amplification products with inhibition control.

The AMODIA MultiFlow® Basic kit is:

  • fast: after applying the sample the LFD develops within approx. 15-20 minutes
  • robust: the result on the LFD is visible with the naked eye, remains stable and so allows an easy documentation
  • scalable: no required minimum number of LFDs per run


Art-No. Product Price


AMODIA MultiFlow® Basic

contains material for 100 reactions:
  • 4x vial with 25 Lateral-Flow Dipsticks each
  • 2x Chromatographic Buffer

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250,00 €